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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

^And now...

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
"From Risa With Love"
Chapter 13

Julian Bashir woke up with a headache—and the realization that he was bound and gagged.

The next thing he noticed was the tricorder lying right in front of him—open. The signal was still on…but she wasn’t in her rooms, anymore.

He edged himself closer, to get a better look. He recognized the coordinates.

She’s at the Palais—or what’s left of it.

And he knew why. And a feeling of guilt swelled up inside him.

They captured her—and they used my homing device to find her, and the machine.

What was it she said? “Your interfering is only going to make it worse, Doctor—for both of us. This…show of yours…makes it clear to me that you’ll stop at nothing to regain control of a situation. I can’t and won’t allow that to…‘inconvenience’ me…more than it already has.”

And now—I gave them the lead they needed. And as if to add insult to injury, they left for me exactly what I need to follow them. They’re taunting me to try and rescue her, and the device.

Which meant that, for whatever reason—probably revenge—Crolin and his underlings wanted both of them alive.

Well, let them have her, for all I care. I’ve been through enough trouble already, haven’t I? It’s not as if she’s an innocent victim, after all—

His heart tugged at this. Oh, really, Julian? You’re really going to leave her in their hands, and let them do I’nora-knows-what to her? Haven’t you punished her enough, already?

Goodness—why did his conscience persist in speaking in Ezri’s voice, anyway?

Maybe you should listen, Doctor, his mind replied—once again, in Sloan’s gruff, dry tones. Besides…you said it yourself: you don’t want the device to fall back into Syndicate hands…do you? It’s your duty to the Federation—and the innocent lives under your protection.

The frustration and angst at this internal conflict channeled itself into strength…and he focused it on his wrists, with all his might—

The knot snapped. Bashir yanked off the gag—a pillowcase, how quaint—and went to work on the knot binding his ankles. By the time he freed himself, he knew full well what his decision was going to be.

* * *
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