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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

^Thanks, mate.

As for Cynthia...well, part of my purpose in creating her character was to provide a "new" face for 31--someone to contrast the hard-core, amoral-and-dark-and-dang-proud-of-it agents we're used to.

She was actually first created for another story of mine--a full-fledged Section 31 tale, which I'll publish soon. I won't spoil anything big--but suffice it to say that, in that one, she's just recently joined the Bureau, and her innocence and idealism comes to clash with the harsh reality of the cloak-and-dagger netherworld of 31.

As I was writing that, I eventually thought, "Given how different she is from all the 'others'...what would it be like for her to encounter Bashir...and possibly have them fall into a romance of a sort?" Her being who she is--a nice, sweet, vulnerable (remember their scene in the restaurant?) and dare I say it, sexy young lady who is not stuck up or arrogant (frankly, a good, one might say honest girl)--would thus force him to--

Wait...I'm not at that point in the story, yet. Stay tuned.
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