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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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That it's a "clone" of the original is the whole point. It's supposed to be the same game (the campaign, anyway), just with updated graphics and other minor bits. They could have made it "better", but then it wouldn't be the same game. I must admit that I'd love to try a more tweaked version, but I understand why they wanted to stay faithful to the original.

I do admit though that I'm disappointed that they didn't include Live muliplayer.
I can say is that I'm a little disgusted at how little effort 343 is putting into a port of a last-generation game that's going to be used to gouge the fans for shits and giggles.
I get ya.

Don't even start trying to excuse the $60 price by mentioning the Reach-engine-powered H1 multiplayer maps (which they haven't been entirely clear about being able to play with or without Reach itself.)
Even the $40 price is pushing it.

I'm not exaggerating or embellishing when I say that the 343 team is deliberately underestimating what Halo fans want and accept in an anniversary edition of a decade-long gaming franchise,
To be fair, I'm sure there'd be many fans who would make a fuss if 343 did significantly alter the game. Just look back at the reactions to the Star Wars Special Editions.

because they body language and tone telegraph that they know this will make money regardless of how little effort they put into it.
That's unfortunately true.

The kind of reception I'm seeing from the Halo community infuriates me; a fan who parted ways with the franchise back in H2/H3, and who hasn't really been vocal about anything till now.
I can understand where you are coming from. A lot of people probably judge it mainly just for what is there in the game, rather than what could be.

Certainly a continuous, decade-long game series, one that unequivocally created the western gaming community overnight, and single-handedly saved the XBOX from commercial disaster. Oh yeah, and it cemented Microsoft as a gaming juggernaut that is truly Nintendo's rival, both in terms of capital and cultural background.
Can't argue with that.

That deserves more than an over-priced, half-assed port.
True. However, I still consider the game being faithful to the original as a positive thing at least to some degree.
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