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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

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I was always under the impression that the squares on the Ent-D were hatches covering the real pods, since that's how the USS Voyager handled it
Yes, that's correct; they're just the hatches. In the TNG Companion, Larry Nemecek stated that Greg Jein's purposely-built-with-battle-damage ship models had open lifeboat hatches, but I've yet to see anything like that in photos of the two known models he built.

Probert wrote: View Post
Was the battle of Wolf-359 featured in DS-9 as well?... since I didn't watch that show. If it were me (painting for myself) I would only use the lifeboats from the Galaxy Class / TNG-era ships; the boxy ones. But, again, I wanna cover all the bases.
There were only four ships featured in the battle in DS9's pilot: The Miranda class Saratoga mentioned before, the Ambassador class Yamaguchi, the Nebula class Bellerophon, and the Excelsior class Melbourne (changed from a Nebula class study model). The Bellerophon would have had ASRVs like the Ent-D, but who knows what type of pods the Ambassador or Excelsior classes had?
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