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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

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Yup, it's me again... This time I'm trying to get some questions answered about StarFleet "LifeBoats" or "EscapePods".

The time and space? The battle of 'Wolf-359'.

The question... what sort of lifeboats/pods would have been predominantly used during that battle?

Once that's pretty well hashed out, how would they dock with a rescue ship? Seriously, I haven't had time to keep up with all that but I want to be accurate when I paint them into my 2013 SOTL calendar page... so I'm looking for information that will satisfy everyone when they see it (them)... I want them to be recognizable.

Thanks, all, for any help on this.

Hello Mr. Probert,

I was one of the contributors to the Wolf 359 "research project" from a decade ago at Bernd Schneider's Ex-Astris-Scientia site:

Here's my expertise:

1. The only canon escape pod we ever saw during the battle was for the U.S.S. Saratoga, the one Sisko uses to escape. It seemed to resemble a large shuttlecraft, and seemed to launch from the ship's shuttlebays as well. Presumably they are meant to land in another ship's shuttlebay.

2. Many of the actual kitbashed models seen in BoBW Pt. II were based on the Enterprise-D, which had ASRVs. Close inspection of the Kyushu, Chekov, Buran, Ahwahnee and Melbourne models show the same type of hatches that the Ent-D had, so presumably those ships carried ASRV's too. I believe the TNG Tech Manual states that the pods can be docked together to form large clusters. As for docking with another ship, I would guess that tractor-beaming them into the shuttlebay would be the most efficient means of bringing them aboard.

Hope this helps!
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