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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Aww man, I totally missed that the DA2 DLC is out.

... and I'm still stuck on the first Dead Space, haven't had any time to play lately between work and playing Beach Volleyball.

I need a vacation to get some gaming in I fear

It was finally available at about 7pm (GMT) on the PC last night. That's the last time I looked so I'm not sure if the playstation version was up, but the X-box version had been finished by a few people by that time.
Nice, I'm going to get the 360 version since I've used the savegame import feature, having played Origins on my Xbox.

Otherwise I would have preferred the PS3 version, to be quite honest
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Just Finished Deadly Premonition. Really fun game even with it's limitations. Agent York has to one of the funniest video game characters ever. I want to go back and do the sidequests I missed and collect the rest of the trading cards, but I might sit on it for awhile.
I'd definitely recommend taking a break before going back to DP, you'll enjoy it that much more

Also, have you seen the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run videos on Giant Bomb? They're hilarious, especially Vinny's and Jeff's version.
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