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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Jolan Tru all,

Episode 6 of The G and T Show is up on for your listening enjoyment, and also to download.

We had "Ferengi Week" where we discussed how the Ferengi were so poorly introduced, how they were written and what we also liked about them. We also discussed the great news coming out about “Gene’s Journal” and “Trek Nation.”

And for those who listen, Week 7 is going to be one where we tackle a controversial subject, it's "Sisko Week" on The G and T Show! (Ok, so I am excited about Shark Week and we are having some fun with it! )

We will be discussing the writing of the character of Ben Sisko, his relationship with Jake and reviewing one of the most controversial episodes in Trek history, discussing if (as written) he is a war criminal and the writing of "What You Leave Behind" and a major disagreement we have about that episode.

So if you can, tune in live (9 am EST/6 am PST/2 pm England/3 pm Europe) at for the show!

Thanks to all for your support, and hope those that can't listen live will go to our website and download, or on iTunes you can subscribe to G and T Show for download there!

Have a great day!
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