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Re: Typhon Pact: Paths Of Disharmony Review Thread (spoiler free)

Well, we got some of that in Losing the Peace. Perhaps the Enterprise, with Worf and his ties to Martok/Klingons, etc. (Picard too), would've worked better in a Kinshaya-focused novel. I believe that Christopher's e-book is about the Kinshaya and featuring the TNG cast. I think that would've been a better fit.

With Shar being part of the DS9 relaunch and the DS9 books setting the groundwork for what happened in Paths, it just felt more natural to me to have those characters fit. It wasn't like Picard bought all that much diplomatic skill to the events in Path and perhaps bringing Bashir back onboard Aventine was a good enough substitute for Beverly.

Of course that would've screwed up Zero Sum Game, or had some complaining that the Aventine was getting too much exposure, so I guess you can't win for losing.
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