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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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lots of free movies over the Internet, even if the resolution is miserable,
This phrase confuses me. Whenever I stream from Netflix, the resolution is always at least DVD quality.
If you're streaming from an HD device the picture can look almost Blu Ray qualty! People dont understand the monumental undertaking that is Streaming. With this price increase, I bet we can expect more studios to sign, more bandwith added to the company, more importantly more titles of movies and TV shows to appear on the service. Where else can yo watch the entire 90's X-Men and Spider-man cartoons in perfect clear quality? Or 4 of the 5 Star Trek shows in their entirety again in disc quality streaming? Recently they just added Iron Man 2. and The Secretariat. The Fighter as well. So people who say there isnt any new movies to watch clearly doesnt check their website for new titles, just the Roku, or other device choices.

Psst. Just checked again: The 60's spider-man cartoons are available now! See It's gems like that that make Streaming worth every penny.
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