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Re: Friends With Benefits - Grading & Discussion

Saw it at a matinee last weekend...and while there are superficial similarities Friends with Benefits is a different movie from No Strings Attached. In fact I'd probably compare FWB more to Going the Distance. No Strings Attached they'd had a previous on-and-off again acquaintanceship for years before finding each other again...FWB they were strangers at the beginning of the movie. In FWB they chose to have their relationship more out of the fact that she was the only person he knew in NYC initially and she needed a way to cope, while in No Strings he was coping with a breakup while's hard to really tell what her motivation was honestly other than the physical pleasure. Like I said...some similarities.

Honestly? The characters in FWB were more likable and more relatable, they coped with real problems that real people have (bad break ups, ill parent, bad parent relationship) in a relatively realistic manner. No Strings Attached was a the wall in that manner. The supporting cast in both was....alright, No Strings Attached only slightly better but Woody Harrelson stood out for the most in either movie. Anyway...that's my review.
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