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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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No, FC happened after BOBW.
In BOBW the Admiral states Starfllet was already in development of better weapons, shields & ships but they just hadn't finished building them yet. BTT FC happens many of those weapons are already installed on Starships. Proof is Voyager now equipped with Tri-Cobalt torpedos. The Borg in FC weren't weaker, we had upgraded our shields & weapons.
It had been four years inbetween BOBW and FC. Plenty of time to upgrade a fleet.
No. It had been 6 years and in that time the Borg are also upgrading their technology at a MUCH faster rate. So nothing Starfleet comes up with could ever stand a chance.
Is it stated in an ep. that the Borg are upgrading on a faster rate or do we just assume that?

"Hope & Fear" gave the impression that they don't upgrade that fast. "Dark Frointer" showed that even with assimilated knowledge, they could still be fooled using tech they already knew about. Shouldn't the rotating shields not work anymore or allowing a few Borg to die before they adapt to phaser fire? Borg shields should activate upon the first shot if upgraded, especially since they assimilated Starfleet Engineers with knowledge of all that. If we don't stand a chance, why is the Queen still trying to figure out how to bring down our resistance? Why not just come and take us?
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