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Re: Supernatural Season One

*sighs* I've pretty much given up on Supernatural, which is sad because I REALLY liked the show in the first three seasons. I just don't get the love for Castiel and the whole heaven/hell focus that the show's taken in the last three seasons. While I understand character growth has to happen, I REALLY HATE the direction they've gone with Sam. The whole "I'm not that guy any more" line he's repeated over and over...just because he's not 'college boy' any more doesn't mean he has to be so heartless and cold. I hate it, and it's turned me off the show as well. Sam Winchester used to be one of my favorite characters...and they've contorted him so much I don't recognize him anymore and made him SO unlikeable it's hard to watch. The writers have pushed the narrative that Dean is the 'good' one, heaven's favored, after how he was presented as such a womanizing, violent all around jerk in the earlier makes my head spin. Sam deserved to have a 'real life' too...Dean had JUST AS MUCH to do with the start of the apocalypse as Sam, yet Sam was the one who got bashed for it OVER AND OVER AND OVER, Sam repents and feels bad yet Dean is the one rewarded with a 'year of normal'??!! The writers seem to hate Sam and it's the main reason I stopped watching the show last season and won't be tuning in for season 7.

I can't say every episode of season one was great, but I between season one and two I think they contain a majority of my favorite episodes. At least there was an air of...optimism in a way. That the bad days would end when YED was gone, they COULD have normal non-hunting lives when it was all over if they wanted. These days it's just so...doom and gloom, one world ending crisis after another it's just too much.

I have SO MUCH hate for John Winchester and the way he twisted his sons and played exactly into the demon's hands by training them to be 'warriors' it also makes it difficult for me to watch as well. Sure it's sweet to see two really close brothers like the Winchesters, and it is one of the best depictions of brothers on TV, but the way the writers have made them so dependent on each other and the way their father forced Dean into raising Sam while ignoring his younger son aside from what he could do as a hunter just makes me ILL. They both had so much potential to do more than hunting yet frickin' John Winchester never saw beyond his nose and his pursuit of revenge.

Sorry for the rant...I'm just so mad whenever i think about the show beyond season 2.
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