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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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The problem with putting fan-favorites like "Best of Both Worlds" on the sampler disc is that some people will be happy with just those few issues and will never move on to buying the complete series. (Maybe they'll make up for people like me who want the whole series and won't buy a best-of? )
How is this a problem? If there are fans who only want to spend a little bit of money to have a few episodes, it stands to reason that they just would choose not to shell out at all for the more expensive, entire season sets.

This way, Paramount is able to earn money from casual fans who won't buy the complete series, and they're also able to earn money from die hards who are so impatient they'll double dip on the HD episodes just to have a look at them.

In response to jefferiestubes8, this doesn't look like an attempt to gauge audience interest to me -- just an attempt to cash in on some of their early work via the home video market rather than wait around for the entire series to be completed (assuming, of course, that they do the episodes out of order like they did with the original series, in order to space out visual effects heavy episodes in the production schedule).
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