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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

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We were the second evolution of their form. From what I gather they purposely seeded Earth so that mammals would evolve the same way that they did. Hell, maybe they were the ones who wiped out the Dinosaurs.
Which is also a huge load of crap. It was stupid when TNG did it, it was stupid when Stargate did it, not just because it's bad science but because it also gives people a deeply wrong impression of how evolution works.
This "convenience" bugged me because it contributes to popular misconceptions about science, whereas it should be obvious to everyone that aliens won't really be speaking English (tho maybe I shouldn't make that assumption, either.)
Aliens looking human and speaking English is a contrivance. The less attention you draw to it, the better. Trying to explain it in-universe using "science" is just absurd.
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