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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I have to agree with a general sentiment here. I have practically zero interest in this reboot. The previous three films did a good job with Spidey even if the third film was a disappointment. I can understand switching gears with a new director and new cast, but the vibe I'm getting from this and the "starting from scratch" again mindset is turning me off.

I wonder if I'll feel the same when they reboot the Batman franchise after Nolan is done. Will they retell the origins or just go ahead and do Batman stories?

I know reboots are nothing new in film and are as old as film itself, but it's getting really tiresome and overdone. Presently the only character I see that really needs to get back on track is Superman and I'm hoping that Man Of Steel can do it. It's just a damned shame we have to wait two more years to find out. At least in the interim we have the DCU direct-to-dvd animated films with quite a few of them being enjoyable and entertaining. The animated films seem to be able to get their act together a lot easier than the live-actions and they do go forward with different actors (voice actors anyway).

I really don't care for the new costume---he really does look like a bastketball and the overall design looks dumb. Raimi's films nailed the costume. And is it with Parker having a web coming out of his neck??? Also never cared for the Peter's parents as spies idea.

I only wish they had done the Lizard in S3 instead of Venom and Sandman. I can't help but feel that would have been so much better.
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