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This is only the case if you ignore the obvious correlation between the turbo lift and the tube on the exterior of the bridge dome. At the intended scale (947') the bridge set as designed by Jefferies matches the exterior of the bridge on the model as designed by Jefferies, with the turbolift almost perfectly centered in the exterior tube. Some ignore this alignment and claim that the tube on the exterior is not the turbo lift. Why, then, does MJ give us two of them on his Phase II design corresponding to a bridge with two turbolifts?
That correlation for the turbolift location(s) only works if there was a consistency to it. Since you referenced Phase II, I'll reference the TOS movies. One of the problems I have with that rear nub (TOS) and the top two nubs (TMP model) being the turbolift location is that interior-wise the lift(s) moved around in TOS and the TOS movies but the exterior locations didn't move.

Let's pretend the main viewer in TOS is aimed straight ahead on the ship like it is in the Movies and presumably Phase II. The turbolift location in "The Cage" is 36 degrees off center. But in "WNHMGB" it shifts back to 18 degrees off center. Then from Season 1 onwards, it appears to be back to 36 degrees off center.

In the TOS movies, the twin turbolift locations mirror each other at what appears to be 36 degrees off center in the first 3 movies but by "The Undiscovered Country" eventually end up at 90 degrees. Yet the external structure doesn't change.

That plus the lack of other external matching internal features make it hard for me to argue that the bridge can be used for establishing the ship's scale, IMHO.
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