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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I don't feel any of the movies were tied down because of Avengers.. the only connections were some Shield scenes in the aftermath and maybe post credits scenes and those were self contained and had no relation to the main movie plot.

Avengers itself has the task to bring these all together which is easier to do since all movies share the same universe and characters and we already got glimpses of the Avengers forming and don't have to spend much time introducing new ones. Those without a movie of their own are mostly B level heroes like Hawkeye or Wasp and i doubt they'll be central to the plot or have some huge importance.

I think the Iron Man movies have stood well on their own as well as Thor with only a few scenes involving Shield who were just used as a sort of in-universe red thread connecting the movies to the same universe (as well as small tidbits like characters using Stark Tech for everyday tasks which would be normal given the scope and prevalence of Stark's corporation much like Microsoft or Apple in our world).
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