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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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But if perks go away, your PR department should probably tell you to lead with something other than "Great news, everybody!"

Netflix was a great value. It still is a great value. (My rate actually decreased.)

But whoever is in charge of their PR/Marketing needs to be fired. Good lord, what a completely amateurish fuckup. There was no reason at all that the customers needed to be riled up this way. Netflix needed to plot out a PR strategy months ago and start implementing it, so that, yes, it did really seem to be "Good news, everyone!"

As I've said previously, one cornerstone of that strategy is to make sure Netflix does not become lumped in the public mind with Hollywood studios, which are loathed as greedy, soulless scumbags. That image would be fatal to Netflix (and completely unfair, not that what's fair or unfair counts for spit in all this.)

Netflix needs to project an image of being a small, grass-roots, technology based company that is the complete antithesis of Hollywood douchebaggery. They need to be the guys who've got our back, against the Hollywood douchebags. (None of this needs to have any relationship to reality or what happens in meetings between Netflix and the Hollywood douchebags - keep in mind, I'm talking about a PR campaign.) At the very least, Netflix needs to control the message, which they have shown no signs of doing.

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You probably should have read the past 11 pages, since most of the complaints were in regards to Netflix's handling of the situation, not the price change.
Allow me to amend my statement. I did read the first couple of posts, which were complaining about the changes in the plans, before I posted. And if you had read my post instead of delivering snark, you would have noticed that I wasn't defending a price change (though I did touch on it), but was defending Netflix's business decision (which seemed to be where the thread was heading given this current page).
Netflix's business decision is sound. Their PR/Marketing is asleep at the wheel. Netflix is delivering a good product at a fair price. Most PR departments are expected to defend companies that deliver crap at ass-rape prices, and make everyone believe that it's a good product at a fair price. Netflix's PR people have the easiest job on the planet, which makes it indefensible that they'd blow it so badly! Imagine being the PR people for BP.
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