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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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But also developed so organically from who O'Donnell and Fife are as people to me, that it's hard to separate me trying to make a point from me just honoring who these guys are.

I don't know if that makes sense, but there you have it.
I'm not a writer myself; I've tried it a few times, and can't seem to grab a hold of anything I want to say. But, the more I read from the writers I admire and enjoy, the more things like this are a common theme. I think that if you're true to the characters, and think about what they need in order to grow, the right themes emerge seamlessly.

Across all thee of these books so far, I think the most impressive thing is how well you've focused on exactly that - what the characters need in order to grow. The session between Chakotay and Cambridge in the second half of Full Circle comes to mind, but also the fantastic undercutting of Seven's whole arc when she realizes that she didn't want to go with the Caeliar, etc. Every story gives the characters exactly the necessary circumstances to bring out the strengths and weaknesses we never knew were there. Just look at how many people in this and the other Voyager review threads have said things like "I never liked the Voyager characters until now", particularly with Chakotay. It means the new characters are instantly memorable, as well; I don't think you'd have any complaints if O'Donnell were to make regular appearances, for instance.

It's funny how, for a franchise that was originally so thoroughly based around exploring to some depth the particular strengths and weaknesses of three very human characters, so many Trek stories haven't been constructed with the same emphasis.

In a lot of ways, the post-Destiny Voyager books so far don't just feel like quintessential Voyager stories, but quintessential Star Trek stories. I think a lot of TOS fans that didn't really get the 24th century series would find a lot to appreciate here.

...sorry, I'll stop gushing now Book was good, is what I'm saying.
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