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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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Just a quick question to anyone who might know. Rumor has it that T'Prynn will feature in this novel and, if she does, does Cast No Shadow contain any spoilers pertaining to Star Trek: Vanguard after Open Secrets?
Where did you hear that?

I can categorically state that T'Prynn does not appear in any way in Cast No Shadow, nor does the book have any connection to the Vanguard series...
Thanks for getting back to me and I'm glad that I'll be able to enjoy this novel when it is released.

As for the rumor, I'm not too sure. It's plausible that I heard that Elias Vaughn was going to feature and knowing that he was a colleague/acquaintance of T'Prynn, I made the connection in my own mind. My apologies.
According to the dates established in Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil, Vaughn and T'Prynn didn't work together until 2319.
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