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I know, it's a silly thing to nitpick, and probably not the movie's fault. This could easily have been something from the comics that's just been made part of the movie. But it bothered me all the same.
In the comics, after he got his new body, Steve underwent extensive training in all forms of hand to hand combat and military tactics.

The problem for the movie's story there is that they initially didn't wanna use him as a soldier in the field. That changed only after the successful rescue of Bucky and the rest. After lucking out on that one, then I could imagine them having him back in training to expand his skills if he was gonna be a full-time field agent.

But I just filled in the blank and gave the movie a break there. They did point out that his brain seems to be enhanced as well as his body, so I could presume he would've picked up on these things very quickly.
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