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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Very much agreed. We got about a year of re-releases and variants with those four Davros sets. The Revenge of the Cybermen and Remembrance of the Daleks sets were never released on this side of the pond and then there were those two classic Sontaran sets which were a re-released Doctor, a Sontaran and a big silver gold ball as a ship that, when the door was opened, didn't even have enough room for the Sontaran to even fit inside.

The River figure and now the Leela figure have various likeness issues, and River has that awful fit with the hair...

I heard today that DWW still do the sculpts for the classic figures (good) but they've lost the contract for the new series figures.

All is not well in DW toyland. The excitement is gone for me too. There are more classics coming but... it'll take a lot, including bloody good likenesses, for me to get that enthusiasm back.
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