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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I'll agree with many of the above sentiments, a solid, entertaining and enjoyable movie. Definately helps an afternoon go by, but not really very memorable. Although there were a lot of great one-liners, especially from Tommy Lee Jones. Also, I thought they did a pretty good job with making Howard Stark resemble Robert Downey Jr enough that you would almost think the actors are related. Nick Fury's cameo was also fun.

I thought it kind of cool that Red Skull had a mixture of 1940s tech (particular his digital clocks) and modern day. Sepia-toned CCTV is also kind of neat.

One thing troubling me, so this drug turns Steve Rogers from scrawny tigman into buff and muscular Captain America, but where does he get the training to do ahlf the stuff he does. Fighting is not as easy as it looks, and if you're used to having your ass handed to you all the time, you aren't going to suddenly be able to beat a trained enemy soldier just because you've suddenly grown muscles. Likewise, riding a zipline and jumping onto a moving train takes a lot of skill. Do we seriously believe that a nobody who has done nothing physical in his life is going to know how to do that after magically obtaining muscles?

I know, it's a silly thing to nitpick, and probably not the movie's fault. This could easily have been something from the comics that's just been made part of the movie. But it bothered me all the same.
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