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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

No one is suggesting that the 947' figure is indefensible, just that it's not the only possibility. If we assume the flight deck miniature is in fact correct, then the bridge dome cannot be. If we assume the bridge dome is correct, then the flight deck cannot be. Since this project is explicitly intended to explore not was the ship should be but, rather, what the ship turned out to be. Scaling up to fit the flight deck allows for a bridge position that still fits into the external dome allowing the nub to be an extra turbo lift tube (which would make sense to have an extra right there, given how quickly a spare lift shows up). However, holding religiously to 947' means something's gotta give.

I can't see what is gained other than de-railing the thread by arguing over 947' at this point. The premise was established pretty early on.

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