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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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@Mgagen - I agree on the 947' but not because of the bridge. There is nothing that ties the bridge to an external feature for scaling purposes. The flight deck you can with the shuttle doors. As far as I can tell, the only set that doesn't fit is the flight deck.
This is only the case if you ignore the obvious correlation between the turbo lift and the tube on the exterior of the bridge dome. At the intended scale (947') the bridge set as designed by Jefferies matches the exterior of the bridge on the model as designed by Jefferies, with the turbolift almost perfectly centered in the exterior tube. Some ignore this alignment and claim that the tube on the exterior is not the turbo lift. Why, then, does MJ give us two of them on his Phase II design corresponding to a bridge with two turbolifts?

As I said before, my intention is not the call into question anyone's desire to have a larger Enterprise. Everyone is entitled to the Enterprise of their imagination. I only point out that there are perfectly defensible reasons to support sticking with 947'.

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