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Re: 2011 Tour de France

Well, for one thing Contador was unlucky in the Tour this year, he hurt his leg early, had several crashes and his team wasn't quite up to par. He could have won this if things had aligned a little better for him, he was again super strong in the third week.

And on top of that, if I'm not mistaken this was the first time he attempted the Giro-Tour double. He was extremely dominating in the Giro, obviously less so in the Tour. If he attempts the double again next year, I would expect him to adjust his training regiment so that he doesn't peak quite as much in May and has more strength left in July and also improves his team selection. But I'm not sure at all he does the Giro next year.

And Andy was as good as he gets this year. He hardly did any races before the Tour, Contador did a bunch of stage races, several of the spring classics and the Giro, Andy did none of that except LBL and a very half-hearted effort at the Tour de Suisse. The Tour de France is what he wanted, and the only thing he wanted. And he was lucky in the first week. He won't be any stronger next year imo.
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