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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Forgive my ignorance, but who are these mysterious "Thermians" you have mentioned on more than one occasion? Sounds like a corny sci-fi species noted for extreme body heat.


As blssdwlf points out, the Thermians are from the movie Galaxy Quest. They had the endearing trait of having no concept of lying. They also didn't understand make-believe, so when they began receiving television signals from Earth, they assumed everything they watched was true. "Gilligan's Island? Those poor people."

When they found their civilization threatened by the evil warlord Sarris, the Thermians turned to an Earth documentary called Galaxy Quest, which depicted humans exploring the galaxy in a massive starship ala Star Trek. Meticulously analyzing the characteristics of the starship Protector, the Thermians reverse-engineered everything in the ship and built a functional duplicate.

The only thing they lacked was a qualified crew to operate it.

So they abducted the show's original actors from a science fiction convention and put them in charge of a real-life, full-sized starship and sent them off to defeat Sarris.

The movie was a parody of Star Trek ... or more correctly, its fandom, and while great fun was made of fans, it was done almost as a tribute, and managed to balance the needs of adventure, parody, and science fiction so well that many Trek fans consider it one of the best Star Trek movies ever produced.
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