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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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The birthday party somehow dragged. There were some important things said and showed during it, but the whole setting somehow didn't work for me.
Reading back over it now, I guess I can see why you'd feel that way. The Bajor-bound story does incorporate Vaughn-Sisko, the election, Kira chatting with Kasidy, catching up with all the rest...

What I was going for there was trying to create an extended family feel - a normal thing to do, as Vaughn describes it, all centred around the literal Sisko family. That lent itself to ordinary domestic stuff - cooking, washing up, changing nappies, watching telly. And then I compared that to the messed up Dominion "family" - parents Odo and Laas arguing while children Weyoun and Taran'atar are caught between them.

But I am aware that I have a tendency to waffle. I'm working on my brevity and getting to the point. The amount of stuff I've written and had to cut out because it wasn't relevant or just went on too long is quite scary.
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