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Re: Montage of WWII battle moments

In discussions about a sequel the question was posed if we would have a chance to see more WWII Steve given the movies ending. The answer was simply yes.

I think what could happen is that the montage moments where they are taking out Hydra facilities(Peggy is seen removing them from the map) is where not only could we see more WWII, but Peggy and the Commandoes. Can't recall if Bucky dies pre or post montage.

This would allow for us to have the stand alone Cap movies in WWII, if they saw fit, and present day Cap in The Avengers movies.
If that's true, it's kinda strange that Cap and the gang would take time out from, you know, stopping Red Skull from blowing up the U.S. and taking over the world to go off on a bunch of other missions.

Seems like that would kind of take precedence. lol
Not "take time off"
"Expand on the other Hydra missions" that are seen as montage during this movie. That would've covered several weeks if not months.
Yes. The implication was that it took Cap the better part of several months (if not longer) to actually find Red Skull before the final battle and, during that time, he and the Howlers (including Bucky) had successfully taken out a number of other Hydra bases as part of their effort at stopping him.
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