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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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They maybe retelling the origin again but they're doing so in a different way than "Spider-Man" did and seem to be exploring a lot more of Peter's back story than the first film did. It is my belief that one of the main differences between Rami's trilogy and Webb's trilogy is that the latter is going to attempt to tell one ongoing story throughout the trilogy while adding new characters to the story as opposed to Rami's self-contained style with continuing characters.

This film isn't going to be for everyone. The first three movies weren't for everyone. For someone who was straight up against this film from the start, I've come all the way over to being excited for it. It might not seem like the film is trending on new ground at first but perhaps the subsequent trailers may change people's minds as I've been changed. If not that's cool too.
Agreed. I recently rewatched the first two Raimi movies, and while they're certainly a lot of fun, the stories and characters were about as thin and simplistic as can be.

From the trailer alone, Webb's movie already looks to be much more interesting and complex.
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