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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

^^ I think you might be parsing what I said a bit because I agree with what you say in your post. Holding firm to one's beliefs rather than giving into expediency is at least a good part of the Trek ethic as the fact that humanity (and I use that term on purpose) has found the "right" formula for equality and hope. The fact that there is a high price for these beliefs is not new, though, except, perhaps in scope in the Destiny novels. For example, the sacrifice of the Enterprise B was certainly be called a "failure," but that noble sacrifice led to a dramatic change in the Federation's interaction with the Klingons. In VOY's "The Void," Janeway's insistence on following the Federation ethic seems to run counter to success, and yet eventually leads to their escape into normal space. So, holding fast to an ethic really isn't a new concept, and making the cost greater is a plot device that can only be effective when used sparingly.
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