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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Hell, that shot YOU used doesn't match up with other shots in BOBW itself.
Exactly my point!

The problem is you're placing higher importance on special effects shots, which have a known history of inconsistencies (even the chart creator acknowledges this in his FAQ) and ignoring all other evidence that points to the fact that they were intended to be of the same base cube.
You're the one who said ALL the shots from TNG ALWAYS show the cube as bigger than in VOY. You were wrong; I provided evidence. Accept it for once instead of changing the subject.

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The article says that the Borg Cube from TNG was a "massive" ship with no specific measurements. Compared to the VOY Cubes where the specifications are given.
He's talking specifically about the one from Q Who. The ones from BOBW and FC are the same as the ones in VOY.
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