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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, I think all that can be asked of anyone is that they keep an open mind about the whole thing. You said you at least want to like the movie, which I'd consider encouraging.
I want to like pretty much any movie that's being adapted from characters that I love. But my love of those characters extends to staying away when I think they're being done badly. I still haven't seen either of the Fantastic Four movies because I thought they were largely miscast and bad-looking. I couldn't get through an entire television showing of Daredevil because I thought it missed the mark. I've got similiar doubts about whether or not the upcoming Tintin movie looks up to par.

If I think that this Spider-Man movie will be a bad treatment like those movies looked, I have no problem with skipping it, staying home and reading a Spider-Man comic book instead.
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