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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

Chris3123 wrote: View Post
we've decided to have two fucking game engines running at the same time,
Right, the original engine plus the new graphics engine. They did that to keep the gameplay faithful to the original game while having newer graphics. I'm no expert in the field, so you have to tell me how that's a bad thing.

That's like saying they "didn't even bother" to completely rewrite the story. Why would they? It wouldn't be the same game if they did that. Same here. The whole point of this game is that it plays exactly like the original, just with improved graphics.
Dude, you have no fucking memory of how limited the original game is compared to the rest of the series is, do you?

Xbox Live co-op was not in the original.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand there's my answer.

Xbox Live wasn't around when Halo was launched, and because it lacks multiplayer bots, you had to actually link multiple systems together to have a multiplayer match.

Guess what you still won't be able to do with Halo Anniversary Edition? Even given the "choice" they had between online co-op and online multiplayer, they went with the dumbest option possible, given that you can only play with one other person in Campaign co-op, which isn't so much a "gift" to old-time fans as a clone of the same game I already have sitting next to my still-hooked up Xbox.
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