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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Bleeding Cool also has highlights from the Joss panel. I'm interested that plot points from the proposed "Ripper" series will be included in "Angel and Faith" book. I'm guessing probably stuff written in Giles' Watcher's diary we'll be seeing is what Joss meant. The more I hear or read about "Angel and Faith" the more excited I am for it.
Watching the actual video easily trumps reading someone's notes on it, which can miss the tone of some answers, or sometimes even report it wrongly since they don't know what he's talking about, as for instance in this paragraph:

Jo Chenís short story with Whedon involved Spike and Angel romance because Jo Chen likes Yaoi and asked for some in their collaboration.
LOL at "Spike and Angel romance" What the question was actually about is the season 8 e-comic "Always Darkest". I laughed when the guy who asked the question said it was about "Spike and Angel hooking up a bit" while failing to mention it was just a part of Buffy's dream, or rather nightmare, which also included the two of them blaming her for their respective deaths in Chosen and Becoming II, Caleb calling her a dirty girl that Spike and Angel won't bother with, and Buffy getting married (by Caleb) to skinless Warren in front of the congregation of various monsters plus Xander, Willow and Dark Willow, with Tara as the bridesmaid, telling her she blames her for her death. Joss said that Jo Chen wanted Caleb in the issue, and she wanted some 'yaoi' (boy love), and he said OK and built around that (and kudos for how he managed to make it all work).

Saying it was about Spike and Angel hooking up is kinda like saying that Restless was about the fling between Tara and Oz (since they flirted in Willow's dream).
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