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Depends on how you look at it really. On the one hand, yes, a lot of the animations had a distinct "masculine" quality to them (especially the walking/jogging cycle) but on the other hand this person is a career soldier who's spent most of his or her adult life wearing armour and crouching in the mud while dodging hypersonic projectiles. In the case of my main soldier FemShep she's EarthBorn and so a former street rat and gang member. Not exactly a recipe for girly behaviour.

In a way it was especially appropriate with the Kasumi DLC to see her trundle along in her mannish gait, looking very uncomfortable in a dress and high heels.
QFT, that's exactly my interpretation of her character.

She's a freaking Space Marine, she's supposed to be a tough gal with a very distinct military vibe to her.
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