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I actually like FemShep #3 the best, but I like FemShep #5 too, and I'm not surprised she's winning. I don't know why BioWare didn't have a high-quality default face for FemShep like they had for ManShep from the beginning, though.

SPCTRE, I think it's going to be impossible to recreate this face on the editor, just like it's impossible to recreate the Sheploo face.
I think up until now FemShep has on the whole been something of an afterthought and I think in a way that's been a real strength. By sheer practical necessity, 99% of character interactions are the same regardless of Shepard's gender. The net result being a strong female character with out the self consciousness or overcompensation of the more common "tough chick" type personalities. She's a battle hardened marine and naval officer who just so happens to be female. *climbs off soap box*

Plus I think the marketing people probably just assumed that consistently sticking with a "safe" looking protagonist would be a better way to promote the games. They're probably right too as I gather the vast majority of players pick the soldier male Shepard, at least for the first play through.

SPCTRE wrote: View Post
^ Well, I also thought it would be impossible to re-create Gillian Anderson's face with the ME character editor - I was proven wrong

You may be right of course, but at least an approximation might be feasible.
I think Skywalker is right, just looking at it I can tell the face editors for ME 1&2 aren't nearly flexible enough to recreate *that* particular face shape (to say nothing of the hair.) Right off the bat I can see that the bridge of the nose is too wide, the eyes too big and the

The face creator in the Dragon Age games for example has a lot more options (but then it is a fantasy game) but neither have anywhere near the likes of Saints Row 2. Now *THAT* is what I call a face creator.
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