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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

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We were the second evolution of their form. From what I gather they purposely seeded Earth so that mammals would evolve the same way that they did. Hell, maybe they were the ones who wiped out the Dinosaurs.
The presence of Ancient DNA in our genome from millions of years ago does point to them having selectively stepped in at particular times during our development to ensure a certain shared simion humanoid form. I doubt the dinosaurs were a deliberate step on their part though.
I really like DS9 alot. SG-1, I found to be consistently good, rarely exceptional/Great, but, also rarely bad.

TNG, I porbably liked on about the same scale as SG-1, though TNG did have some excellent episodes. Voyager and S1/S2 Enterprise, I found myself upset many weeks, that the episode(s) for that week were crappy and/or uninspired. Enterprise S3 was mostly pretty good and S4 was mostly excellent.

Atlantis, never caught me as much as SG-1 and SGU, though I watched most of it, there was very little entertainment value in it for me until the final 10 episodes, which were mostly really good (finally) and it's too bad it got cut at that point, instead of earlier, or been allowed to continue once it hit it's stride.
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