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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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I took a chance.

I didn't see Green Lantern or Thor in cinema because the theatre here was screening them in 3D and I had no interest in paying a premium for that. I wanted to (hopefully) see an enjoyable film without the distraction of an imperfect gimmick that bothers my eyes. Turns out, though, that my local theatre is screening Captain America in standard 2D this week and is switching to 3D next week. So I lucked out.

I'm not that familiar with the character and the only Captain America comics I read were way back in the late '60s. so maybe it was a good thing I wasn't burdened with expectations? Even if so I take these films as adaptations and not gospel.

This was a fun and feel good movie in similar fashion to when I saw Raiders Of The Lost Ark way back in 1981. It also has a measure of innocence in similar sense as the '78 Superman, but without the overt camp of that film. I loved the whole retro look to it. I liked its measured pace without feeling rushed or conversely bogged down. I like how all the characters were just right for their parts. Yes there is a degree of corniness and smaltz in this, but they're in the right doses and in the right places. This is, after all, a superhero film and like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films it touches on why these stories and these characters appeal to us. It also does the right thing by avoiding the overt cynicism of our own times. It shows us not the world we do live in, but a world we would like to live in. A world where good people can do good things and step up when they're needed. I certainly found myself smiling and laughing in the right places.

I quite liked this film and I think it's a keeper that I'll gladly add to my own library. I generally disagree with many of the rather jaded reviews I've read and I give it an "A" rating.

I also caught The Avengers trailer after the end credits. Could be fun.
Told you man, my origonal post reflects the same thing. It totally had a Indy Jones/ Superman/ IronMan feel to it. The cornyness was funny and not unwelcomed. This felt like a classic 80's action movie. Specifically, the scene where Cap. was rescueing Bucky and the boys, he jumps into the covered truck and then beats up the bad guys off screne and throws them out of the truck. This was corny, but funny in an Indy Jones kind of way.
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