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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Gul Re'jal wrote:
In Star Trek, especially TNG, there were a few different tests for different purposes, but often included some visual imagery and testing reaction. I think Data was subjected to one of those at least once. So that was my "inspiration" for the form of this personality test.
If you happen to find that, I would actually like to know for a different purpose.

I didn't suggest that anyone forced AU Dukat to anything. I don't know how he became an Oralian, so I didn't mean that.
He was raised as one, but I also know that--most likely while he was at Tirhem Farms--he considered it and then made a thoughtful decision that he did wish to continue as one.

I meant that he "is" an Oralian, and Gul Dukat "isn't" and that makes them think differently about their own place in the universe.
The interesting thing, though, is that at the end of his life, Gul Dukat did a twisted version of that. Personally, Marc Alaimo's acting in "Covenant" really sold that idea to me.
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