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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Gul Re'jal wrote:
If her father cared about her "disability" that much, I don't think he would want her to join the military, and not any of his other children.
I thought that he wanted her in the military to try to cover for his "disgrace." The "shame" he foolishly thinks her condition brings him.

I did the same research when reading about brain injury, coma, how long being in a coma is "safe" (there's still a change that a patient wakes up and goes on with his or her life) and possible results of such a trauma.

And I suspected that you wouldn't like it
I kind of wish it had gone differently--but I certainly can't fault you for realism.

I don't think so. Her change of thinking and feeling makes it actually worse for her, because she still carries her guilt and now that guilt is much heavier than it would be if there was no shift in her personality. Everything is stripped of "reasons" and naked facts are left--facts that she doesn't deny, doesn't try to justify and doesn't feel like they should be justified in any way.

In the end she cannot come to terms with all that and she will never rest.
I did think of something that, if she comes to understand her condition as it is, might help when she's ready for it, although it would be symbolic. I'm not sure I should say it, though, in case it's an exercise you had in mind.

Err, how can someone tell what Jarol should be, if her life was different (except me, that is )? How could anyone know that?
Well, you can't know for sure, but I think that sometimes it's possible to get a fairly good idea by looking further back into someone's past, before certain critical decisions have been made.

I imagine this is some kind of visual/auditory test that records brain reactions and facial expressions, and any other visual reactions to images and sounds. Those could be any photos/sounds of the world and abstract shapes/colours and abstract sounds (no doubt prepared with a particular thing in mine by specialists, not just "some messy stain on a cardboard" or a random noise).

So it would be about how one sees and reacts to particular stimuli.
Are you thinking of the Cardassian equivalent of the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner?

In other words, apart from diseases (and we're not talking about Dukats' mental condition here), we are not born good or bad. Anyone can be good or bad, depending on the surroundings, environment and how they are raised.

(I don't mean here that living in so-called free world makes you good, an in totalitarian system a baddie, because in free world you can choose what you want to do, while in a totalitarian system the system makes you a torturer. Totalitarian systems are full of good people, and a torturer enjoying his work can be easily found in a free world.
I'm glad you made that point--because I think that people's choices are important and that we cannot excuse evil conduct as something we couldn't help because we happened not to grow up under the best circumstances.

Some very basic traits were present in both of them, but I think the point of divergence starts with the faith. One believes there's someone much bigger than him; the other one came to a conclusion that nothing is bigger than him.
Right...but on AU Dukat's Cardassia, no one forced him to choose that. Even as strong as the Oralian culture is there, I don't see the post-Cataclysm society as one that bullies people into believing.

I also think there are certain choices the canon Dukat could've made too, that could've helped. The Oralian Way is one, and I think there are other avenues he could've taken, too, that would've resulted in greater humility and not losing himself.
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