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Re: Question for Christopher Bennett regarding Greater than the Sum

T'Lana was not intended to be written out. It's not like there's some huge master plan that the editor works out in advance. Most of the creative decisions are made by the authors. So if one author introduces a character that he or she hopes will catch on and stick around, it's possible that the character just won't work out, or that another author will take that character in an unexpected direction that changes them. T'Lana and Leybenzon were both introduced with the hope that they would be regular characters. But after the events of Before Dishonor, it was felt that they'd both crossed a line that precluded them from ever being part of the "family" of the Enterprise crew. So I was asked by editor Margaret Clark to write them both out (and to kill one of them off to underline the stakes of the Borg invasion and the upcoming Destiny trilogy).

As for T'Lana admitting that she'd been wrong, one could call that a retcon, but I prefer to think of it as a synthesis of all the available character information we'd been given about her in the three prior books. Given what Resistance and Q & A had established about her personality, her backstory, and her professionalism, I figured that was how, in retrospect, she would interpret the behavior she exhibited in Before Dishonor. So it's not really a retcon because my characterization wasn't retroactive -- it was based on how she was characterized in the first two books where she appeared. I was simply trying to portray her in a way that took her behavior across all three books into account and showed how it fit together.
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