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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

T'Girl wrote: View Post
]Just so, there is nothing to reference the 'tactical cube" to. Heavily armed compared to what? A sea otter with a sharp rock? Given that the Voyager routinely and casually beats the crap of out of whatever Borg vessel they come across
This has been addressed - no, they didn't. They killed a ship with lesser firepower once, and everything else was with quite a bit of help (or luck.)

Kadratis wrote: View Post
Voyager Borg Episodes

Blood Fever: A dead drone; not applicable.
Unity: The cube was destroyed by the ex-drones via an overload; not applicable.
Scorpion: Didn't destroy any Borg; Borg destruction was performed by Species 8472.
The Gift: No Borg ships; not applicable.
Raven: No Borg ships; not applicable.
One: No Borg ships; not applicable.
Hope and Fear: Eventually avoided the Borg via Quantum Slipstream Drive; not applicable.
Drone: Borg sphere was destroyed by a Borg drone that was 500 years advanced than the current Borg (plausible). However, the lack of a swift attempt of an attempt to destroy and/or obtain the future drone is implausible.
Infinite Regress: The Borg ship had already been destroyed via an alien pathogen; not applicable.
Dark Frontier: A Borg probe is destroyed; Voyager had comparable firepower. However, the probe did not perform reasonable adaptation (partially implausible). A Borg sphere is boarded but not attacked by either party (not applicable). A Borg diamond (the Queen's Lair) was destroyed via torpedo destruction of a transwarp conduit (plausible).
Survival Instinct: No Borg ships; not applicable.
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy: All Borg destruction with a photonic cannon is fantasized by the Doctor's imagination subroutine; not applicable.
Collective: The Borg cube's crew has already been destroyed/deactivated via an alien pathogen; five underdeveloped drones are in control of the cube. Voyager emits an energy pulse to retrieve Chakotay, Paris, and Neelix; however the pulse destabilizes the cube's transwarp core and the cube is destroyed (plausible due to the lack of adult/matured drones).
Unimatrix Zero: The destruction of a Borg Tactical Cube is performed by Voyager and a Borg Tactical Sphere (implausible).
Q2: The Borg cubes appear via young Q. The cubes quickly overcome Voyager's shields and board the Bridge. A drone attempts to insert his tubules into Janeway's neck when Q reappears. "If the Continuum has told you once, they have told you a thousand times: DON'T PROVOKE THE BORG!" (plausible)
Endgame: Several Borg ships (including a Borg Transwarp Hub) are destroyed using future Janeway's advanced armor and weaponry. Considering future-Janeway is later assimilated, the knowledge of the advanced technology should have been quickly counteracted (very implausible).

Meh, the Borg episodes of Voyager are more plausible to prior plot development from TNG and First Contact. I wouldn't call the Borg pussified.
This can basically be re-quoted forever. "Endgame" is the only truly off-the-wall one out of the bunch when it comes to destruction. I'd argue the last point is moot, though, since they were sort of suffering from a virus at that point. They should have used McAfee.

Seriously, the Borg just existing and being so ultra-powerful and not wiping out the Federation in two minutes with all the ships at their disposal is already implausible on its own.

And why "perfection" entails 50,000 pounds of extra armor and plastic tubes and walking around stiffly, we may never know.
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