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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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Summary: Instead of taking the time to put effort into this "gift to the fans",
How do you know they didn't put enough effort into what they set out to do?

we've decided to have two fucking game engines running at the same time,
Right, the original engine plus the new graphics engine. They did that to keep the gameplay faithful to the original game while having newer graphics. I'm no expert in the field, so you have to tell me how that's a bad thing.

while not even bothering to implement improvements to the original code after a decade of successor games.
That's like saying they "didn't even bother" to completely rewrite the story. Why would they? It wouldn't be the same game if they did that. Same here. The whole point of this game is that it plays exactly like the original, just with improved graphics.

And half-assed Co-op
Could you explain what's half-assed about it?

that was already in the original game.
Xbox Live co-op was not in the original.

Enjoy the processor and ass rape, Halo fans.
How do you know it will be particularly hard on the console's processor? Has someone come out with a report on that?

And as far as "ass rape" goes, there would no doubt be many who would describe it similarly if 343 decided alter the gameplay as you suggested.

I'm so glad I stopped playing after H2. If they spent more than 5 months on this I'd be shocked.
Ok. So what if it took only 5 months? If that's how long it took to make it, that's how long it took to make. I think the condition of the final product is what really matters.

bullethead wrote: View Post
Yeah, they at least could have made the AR behave like a real AR and make the Library a lot less repetitive.
They only could have done that if they wanted to do a remake. But it's supposed to be the same game, for better or worse.
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