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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

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There is still a lot of hate against Seven (right this morning I read the nice nickname someone gave her: Borg bitch) and I still do not know why

J/Cers have a tendency to be hostile to Seven.... Ah, the Love Triangle.

Whatever character is the third wheel in the 'ship is considered competition and needs to be eliminated.


I think I spent a couple months and 82 thousand words disproving a link between J/Cers and Seven haters! I love them both, and although I bow at the ingenuity and sweetness behind many J/7 vids, I'll go to the grave seeing there relationship as purely nonsexual. (Just like I'll go to the grave seeing the opposite between Xena and Gabrielle! )

Oh wait... this is the Seven/Jeri thread.... Need to leave the white tuxed Janeway aside.

This one is just for Spalko!

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