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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I gave it an A+. Yeah I really loved it. Evans did a great job as did the rest of the cast. The writers actually understood who Steve Rogers is and why he would what he did. The CGI for Rogers pre-transformation body was spectacular. I liked the little touches from the comics they included. The Original Human Torch under glass at the expo and the antique shop front for Operation: Rebirth. I also think that Bucky in this film had traces of the original Nick Fury.

I assume Hydra might return to face the Avengers and thats why they were the focus of this film. The are shown to be a "Spin off" of the Nazis. ( Which is similar to the comics where Baron Strucker, himself a Nazi, founded Hydra). As others have stated it would appear the Army unit headed by Col. Philips was put together specifically to fight Hydra. We see Nazis in the newsreels Steve watches, in the USO show and in the Red Skulls lair.

Captain America isn't Superman, so he's not going to do Superman type feats. The serum gave him the perfect human body so he's on par with or even better than any top athlete in any sport past or present. Which also makes him stronger, faster and more agile than any soldier in the Allied or Axis armies.
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