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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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If it was a "Class 1", then I'd think it was a powerful vessel. And "Tactical" is lesser than "Strategic"
I don't even...

I believe what Anwar is alluding to is the comparison of tactics and strategies in military terminology, tactics are small scale and local, strategies are large scale and global.

Tactical nuclear weapons are small/medium sized and strategic nuclear weapons are huge.

Tactical Air Command had fighter planes, Strategic Air Command had big bombers.

Also, in America, to be first class is considered far better, than to be fourth class.

The old British Royal Navy used first rate to refer to its largest ships of the line. First rates comprised those ships mounting 100 guns or more on three gundecks. A fourth rate ship had a single deck and a few dozen guns and was usually considered to "weak" to stand in the line of battle.

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