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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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I really don't like that new armor though. Way too generic.
Welcome to my thoughts, circa Halo 2's release. It's as if Bungie/Squee43 set a project for goal to make MC's armor more slapped together.

Oh, and 343 Ind., if you really want to give a gift to the fans, try these suggestions:
  • $30 rebate for everyone who purchased ODST full price. 4 hours of gameplay is NOT worth $60.
  • Add Multiplayer Fighter Combat to Reach because, you know, it was the only fucking interesting part of the game.
  • Give everyone who purchased Halo 2 a change to kick the Level Designer in the nuts. A PURPLE MAP IS NOT A GOOD MAP.
Eh, I'm not as embittered as you are. I liked Halo 2's redesign because it was an evolution that made sense. Chief got home and got upgraded, that i'm cool with.

Thing with Halo 3 to Halo 4 - It's very clear that there was absolutely no opportunity for him to get an armor change between the two. He's literally coming out of that cryo-sleep at the start of the Halo 4 trailer that we saw him put into at the end of Halo 3, meaning there should be no way in hell he got an armor change during this undisclosed amount of time. If somehow some UNSC folks found him and upgraded him, why the fuck leave him in cryo sleep adrift?

I'm ok if he lands on this "planet"/shield world/forerunner installation and some super advanced droid thing tinkers with his suit and adds in some super advanced tech, but straight out of the cryo tank is what's irking me.

As for ODST, it was a bit on the short side, but I loved the story, and I replayed that campaign multiple times and gathered all the audio logs. Sure, perhaps it shouldn't have been full priced but I certainly got a lot of enjoyment from it. More so than other games I've purchased I'll tell you that.

And while Reach's space battles were cool and multiplayer versions of that would rock, it was by no means a be all feature of the game. Like ODST I loved Reach's story, it's multiplayer is vastly superior to that of Halo 3, and it looks gorgeous.

I agree that purple covvie levels are an utter clusterfuck though.
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