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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Sorry I didn't replt earlier, but I was out of town for a business trip and have just returned.

So Starship likes the second version which uses Melody while Q2UnME prefers the original Aiko 3 based version. Hmm...

Actually, I can assist Q2UnME right off the bat. A few years ago I shared my "formula" for the "face pose" with Oshikai a maker of vendor of 3D content. He has a couple of accounts at DeviantArt, one for sharing 3D freebies, and a second under the name *Idalacio where he displays his renders. You can access it here...

He built upon my settings and gave the A3 based M'Ress her a "spark" I don't feel I've managed (though he claims he barely improved anything).

He doesn't have all his Trek based images in one section so you'll just have to poke around. Be advised, however, some of his pin-ups are pretty darn "saucy". View with caution if at work. Better yet, don't take the risk while at the office.


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