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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

I rather like that chamfered saucer edge. The bulge at the bottom of the secondary is also seen in FJs Constitution class blueprints but is actually a bit more abrupt. This was what I was refering to as the (pre-refit) teardrop shape. But in the drawing above, and in the tech manual, the secondary hull actually looks longer than it does in the FJ blueprints. The AMT model Shaw does work on isn't quite FJs The Franklin Mints are based on FJ, and the Zocci SFB plastic ship miniatures look based on the long secondary hull variant above.

BTW, an accurate Quindar/ Mike Minor Phase II can be done with the mesh of the FJ ship.

If I could make a request. Could you overlay the FJ blueprint atop the Jefferies long secondary hull drawing above?
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